Monday, September 24, 2007

Must See Trout Videos

The group at Felt Soul Media has a wonderful lineup of short movies on their web site. World Trout, The Hatch, and Running Down the Man are all worth a peek. The recent rash of short (and very cool) fly fishing videos continues to grow thanks to the "Five Minutes of Fly Fishing Film Contest" sponsored by The Drake (coolest fly fishing mag ever!).

Check them out.
Trout Buddha


  1. Great videos.

    Sweeny and I keep lookin for Fly Fishing 2 in the timetable, but can't seem to find it.Haha.

    Great class. Finally got my own outfit and have been out a few times. Had the pleasure of landing my first brownie in mount horeb in late September(decent 9 incher).

    Thanks for teachin me such a great sport...I can't get away from it. Keep in touch, Will and I would love to join you on the stream sometime next spring.

    Keep up the website too...I check it often.

    Zach Berghouse

  2. Great videos.

    Sweeny and I keep looking for fly fishing 2 in the timetable and can't seem to find it. Possible independent study class for us in the Spring? Haha.

    Enjoyed that class a ton. Thanks for teaching us something that I know I will do for years to come. I can't get away from it.

    Finally hooked into a nice brownie at the end of September (9 incher) in Mount Horeb. Felt so good after being out to the trout stream about 8 times before that with no luck.

    Keep in touch. Will and I would love to make it out to the stream with you sometime next spring. As for now, saving up for a good set of waders, a decent salmon outfit, and my fly tying career begins soon as well.

    Keep up the website too...I check it often and enjoy your links.

    Fish on,
    Zach Berghouse

  3. Oh...thought before that my comment didn't go I realized that you must approve it first...sorry about the double send. just wanted to make sure I got my message through.