Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trout Fishing a Boon to Economy

The Trout Buddha is not sure if the numbers add up but a report published in the LaCrosse Tribune states that an average of 125,000 anglers annually contribute over $600 million to the local economy in the Driftless area of southwestern Wisconsin. I’m usually good for several tanks of gas, a few lunches, and my share of soft beverages on fishing days but WOW that estimated $4000 per angle seems high. The report was commissioned by Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois Trout Unlimited groups (view the full report). Even if the numbers are high, the money in the local economy can do nothing but help the local communities. Enjoy the resource, follow the regulations, leave nothing behind, and by all means spend some money in the state.

Word on the street: The word on the street is that the Avalanche General Store on the banks of the West Fork of the Kickapoo will soon be under new ownership and open for business. A new porch, plans for locally grown produce, local meats and cheeses and various items for fly anglers could make this a gem in what is already a very special place. Don’t forget to pay your membership to the West Fork Sportsman Club a local group who had done so much in the Kickapoo Valley.

Political Action

A new feature: Since the current presidential election has my stomach turning (Democrats are going out of their way to screw up what should be a slam dunk win in November). Given this, I have decided to add a little political spin of my own here at From time to time I plan to feature background information and a web link to various organizations or causes that catch my eye. Naturally those that impact clean water and angling may be a point of emphasis.

Our first organization is Save the Wild UP. Save the Wild UP is a Marquette-based, grassroots organization with deep concerns about the economic, social, and environmental impacts of nonferrous mining. Check out their information on the Coaster Brook Trout.

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