Friday, July 11, 2008

Fish Car Upgrade?

Even the stylish Zen Trout sticker could not generate enough good karma to help the Trout Buddha on the river last week. Oh the fishing was good enough, but the slip and fall on my a** while loading the kayak was another story. Well let's see: 1) fell on my backside to great embarrassment amid the mud and mosquitos, 2) boat bounces off the frame near the door and leaves a dent, 3) plenty of new and unusual scratches along the top edge of the roof, and 4) driver's side mirror completely sheared off (wires included). Hmm, two hours of fishing = four nice smallies (one about 16") and a $500 insurance deductible. Ouch!
Like I said, it's not about the fish...
Trout Buddha
PS- No worries, I'm heading back out today!

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