Friday, December 19, 2008

Give Some Thought to That Burger!

The Buddha Talks Food. Again?

Thought I would share with the Zen Trout readers (both of you) a recent story I found while reading this months copy of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine. Anytime I can put food and water quality close together - all the better. During a recent stationary bike workout (yeah 12" of snow will force you indoors) I was able to read how grass fed beef and managed grazing is helping improve trout streams in southwest Wisconsin. Improved pasture practices have a positive impact on erosion, pesticides, and manure run off. Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Biologist Dave Vetrano is quoted in the article saying, "if we could get more farmers into grass-based farming, most if not all of our concerns for waters and trout streams would disappear." Check out the Green Pastures - Green Futures video.

Looking for grass fed beef and other pastured products? Check out Eat Wild.

You can also pick up the December Madison Magazine and find an article about local economic development and how organic farmers are finding local markets for their products. Organic beef producer Bartlet Durand from Black Earth Meats is featured.

Oh well. Shut up and eat your (grass fed) burger! The trout may thank you.

Trout Buddha

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