Friday, January 23, 2009

Trout Buddha Where You Been?

Long time no post! Well the Trout Buddha has been away so… in honor of both my loyal fans I am happy to present my first two posts of 2009. So far January had seen plenty of snow, below zero temperatures, and the start of a new school year. Time is a bit tight but the New Year always brings with it great optimism and hope. Maybe even a bit more than usual this time around with the recent inauguration of our new president. On my laundry list of things I am hopeful for – environmental policies that are more favorable to watersheds, public lands, clean air, and fisheries in general are near the top of my list. I hope your 2009 is off to a great start. Here are some of my early highlights and odds and ends:
  • Just came back from Florida and enjoyed a few days in the sun and surf. A great trip that included a wonderful afternoon of kayaking, some good food, a visit to the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach, a trip to a great state park, and plenty of time to do lots of nothing! Didn’t get to fish but it was just fine. Just being around the water, walking in shorts, and going barefoot in January is the best Wisconsin winter tonic.
  • Kayak Angler magazine has on nice new online version that features an article about selecting a fly rod for kayak fishing.
Here is to everyone finding their own stretch of beach - even for just a little while.
Tight lines,
Trout Buddha

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