Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stream Banks, Less Shade, and More Trout

Interesting article from the always informative Jerry Davis in the outdoor section of a recent Wisconsin State Journal on Friday.  A very nice discussion on why fisheries managers often cut back willows and box elders along stream banks to aide in stream health. He details the benefits of grasses and other stream bank vegetation and gives a nice overview of the nature of spring fed streams and food sources for trout.  Jerry is a retired Biology professor and freelance writer in southwestern Wisconsin. 
Tight Lines, 
Trout Buddha

PS - Drop me a comment from time to time - Let me know if anyone is "out there"!


  1. Trout Buddha-

    I'm still out here and checking in from time to time. Now that basketball is done and I have my life back, I've been able to get out on the water a few times. The weather in Oregon is the typical spring - if you don't like it wait 5 minutes. The McKenzie has been high/low and very cold, and the weather has made the March Brown hatch unpredictable. Fish are looking up - I've taken a few smaller Cutthroats on dries - but the cold water has them unmotivated when it comes to chasing a bug. Most of the action has been subsurface. You seem to be in a nice stretch of weather in your part of the world - any fishing prospect in the near future?

    Tight Lines,
    Duck Angler

  2. Duck Angler -
    Thanks for the note. Yes nice stretch of weather coming. I have not been out for the early season yet. Too much work! I did buy a nice new fishing kayak/canoe hybrid and anxious to use it this summer to chase some bass with the fly rod. I have some fishing plans for May and can't wait to get on the stream. Take care and stay in touch.

  3. APW,

    Appreciate you providing that link to the Jerry Davis article. I have been trying to keep track of his work since we met streamside in March, and I was curious about the effect of the clearing I've seen around Black Earth Creek. If you don't mind, I am going to point Jerry Davis towards this page with the assumption that he will definitely appreciate someone else capturing the current movements in protecting and taking advantage of the outdoors. He previously mentioned to me that his grandson was contemplating enrolling in your fly fishing class at Madison. I think a possible article on the class may be a great way to encourage enrollment, which at the same time introduces college students to the outdoors (like it did to me). You're class definitely openned my eyes to how much I enjoyed being outdoors. Took my butt off the usual college couch and got me out fishing. That has in turn translated to finally taking hunters safety, and I am looking forward to upcoming hunting seasons and most importantly spending time outdoors. Let me know what you think about pointing him this way (if you approve I will copy you in the email).

    Hope all is well. Haven't had much time to get out since openning day(just got out of busy season and trying to conquer the CPA).

    Zach Berghouse

  4. cutting trees off of banks and bringing in sunlight makes for more fish. The only problem is I prefer BIG fish to more fish. I shy away from manicured areas.