Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too Cold to Fish - In Florida?

10 days on Anna Maria Island just outside of Sarasota is the usual winter tonic to hold off cabin fever. The Trout Buddha and his partner in crime did just that on a recent post-holiday escape. Given that the low temperature was 0 degrees on the morning we left I have no business complaining about 55 degree days that were mostly sunny. However, the overnight lows that hit the freezing mark put a damper on the usual beach and (more importantly) fishing/kayaking activities. This is a case of the fishing outing that didn't happen - too cold in Florida. I had a day booked with Steve from Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing out of Sarasota. A great looking outfit that features kayak fishing opportunities on the southern gulf coast and in the Everglades. I was looking forward to a nice warm January paddle, flip some flies up against the mangroves, and maybe land a fish. Oh well. The fears over sluggish fish and nasty conditions proved quite real. Recent reports from the "Sunshine State" show fish kills from the cold weather and bans on snook, bonefish and tarpon fishing.

There are two kinds of trips: 1) fishing trips and 2) vacations where you try to get some fishing in - this was the latter. No worries - much warmer than our local climes, the area is beautiful, nice people, and lots to do in and around Sarasota. We will go back, it will be warmer, and I will try my hand with some kayak fishing.

Stay warm (wherever you may be!)

Tight Lines,
Trout Buddha
PS- If you are ever in Anna Maria Ginny's and Jane E's at the Old IGA is the place for coffee, tea, baked goods, breakfast and lunch, local arts and crafts, internet access, and nice folks. The place if FLA funky in the very best way.

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