Monday, March 22, 2010

Bars -vs- Grocery Stores?

Thanks to Tom Chandler at Trout Underground for calling our attention to this very useful data. Maybe it will help plan your next trip? If you are heading to Wisconsin keep in mind that the miles of beautiful spring creeks are overrated, the great smallie actions in the summer is really not that great, the salmon and steelhead runs off the Great Lakes aren't that fun, and the pike and musky action on the fly rod requires way too much work. So stay away - or at least stay at the bar! Oh hell, come on up and fish, just pick up your trash, leave a little money in a local shop or two, follow the rules, and DON'T TELL ANYBODY!

Tight lines amigos,
Trout Buddha


  1. Why does that map not surprise me!?!

    Got my ticket for July 2. I plan on trying everything listed...including the bars!

    Duck Angler

  2. Duck Angler! Call the Buddha when you are heading to the land of Cheese this summer. Thanks for the Zen Trout support.

  3. I definitely will - we are there for two weeks.

    I finally had a chance to get out on the water and away from the craziness here. Brought several nice size trout to hand, putting the exclamation point on a couple of great afternoons!

    What is typically hatching in Wisconsin at that time of year? I'm busy tying bass and pike flies for the trip, but I need to throw together some trout flies as well!

    Duck Angler