Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crash Davis to Aid Gulf / Oil Song Redux

Hola Amigos -
Hmm. It sounds crazy but at this point try anything and everything to get the effing oil under control. Sounds like BP is going to buy some of the oil separation machines that Kevin Costner has been promoting. Early it sounded like the money was in question. Looks like that has been resolved. Again, try anything and everything - we need a clearinghouse for and all ideas to stop/clean this mess. Fish, fishermen, families, coastal marshes, ... the stakes are so high.

If you ask the Buddha, looks like Steve Forbert had it right all those years ago when he wrote The Oil Song. Unfortunately he has to keep updating the verses.

"...don't buy it at the station,
you can get it now for free,
just come on down to the shoreline
where the water used to be..." ~S. Forbert.

Keep a good thought for the entire gulf region on this deal it ain't looking so good.

Tight lines,
Trout Buddha

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