Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Always Knew Beer Was "Good"

Hola Amigos -

I saw this item on MidCurrent and thought it was worth posting to both of my readers. Big Sky Brewing Co. in Montana has agreed to purchase water restoration certificates through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. I'm a big fan of their Trout Slayer Ale (what figurative Trout Slayer is not?) but don't want my microbrew consumption to contribute to the dewatering of streams in the west (or anywhere else for that matter). Sounds like a good program - hope many more companies follow suit. It not just about the carbon footprint - we leave a water footprint as well. We need to save that for the trout - and the Trout Slayers!

Tight Lines,
Trout Buddha

Check out the Bonneville Environmental Foundation website - great info!

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