Monday, August 22, 2011

Northwoods Vacation -vs- Fishing Trip

Hola Amigos -

The Buddha recently enjoyed a great week in the northwoods with limited connectivity (not a bad thing) alas the fly rod was not particularly busy. Biking, paddling, hiking with the Mrs, and some slow fishing on our lake made for a lazy week. Yes I said "our" lake! paying rent one week a year makes it ours. Not a total fishless week, there was one beautiful 16" smallie that bent my 8/9 weight considerably! Always one fish to bring you back.

This was a vacation; a fishing trip is planned for the fall. Trust me, I plan to cast my arm off if needed chasing smallies, pike, and maybe the elusive MUSKY!

I will get you posted (both of my readers!)



  1. What I wouldn't give for one smallie, any size, right now! It's been the slowest year of fishing ever for the Duck Angler! A combination of buying and selling a house, long term rehabs, and a foreign tour with basketball to Italy (which was cool, except for my personal bag showing up five days late) has made my moments on the water few and far between. Hopefully winter will hold off a bit and I can sneak out and fling some hoppers and October caddis at some willing takers!

    Duck Angler

  2. The Duck Angler is my loyal reader (emphasis on the singular!) I have been down your busy road in my former professional life. I like to think I live by the following but it is all in my head. When in doubt fish. If you can't fish read about fishing, look at fish porn, plan dream trips you can never afford, plan dream trips that may actually happen, oogle new equipment, dream of flies named after you, et. cetera. How the hell else do you get through the winter in Wisconsin! Take care and don't work too hard!