Friday, August 3, 2012

Celebrating the Big 50

Hola Amigos -

The Buddha has been digging out from under the mountain of work that was waiting for after returning from his epic 50th birthday celebration fly fishing trip. My brother and I had talked for years about taking a trip out west for some serious guided fly fishing. Well it took the half century mark to finally make it happen. It was, in a word, fabulous. It is rare that you can return from a trip and say "if I had to do it all over again" (every meal, every river, every guide, and every fish landed and lost) I would not hesitate. This trip should provide enough content to get me back on track here at Zen Trout; I think both the guys who read this blog must have missed me!

Where to begin? Day One (Wednesday): Caught a flight into Albuquerque and made our way north to Taos in the rental car (Kudos to Enterprise for the great deal). My first "New Mexico" moment came at a McDonalds where we stopped for some ice tea and water only to find green chili cheeseburgers on the menu. Should be required in the entire lower 48. After arriving in Taos we checked in at the Taos Fly Shop, home of Streit fly fishing guides, and confirmed our plans for two days of fishing and headed to the El Pueblo.

The Taos Fly Shop has a great vibe. We have all encountered a certain "attitude" that can be pervasive in the fly shops around the country and I am happy to say this one does not have it. Nick Streit was a great help and very laid back. I never understood why so many fly shop types treat their, wait what is that word, CUSTOMERS with such contempt. Anyway enough of that rant - the Taos Fly Shop is NOT that kind of place. The cool factor runs high (minus the 'tude). After confirming the fishing plans the most important mission of the night was to find legit New Mexican style stacked enchiladas. Yea! blue corn, chicken, and green chili nirvana (served with posole to boot!). The key locale is Orlando's. Oh my goodness. I knew it would be great because the fly shop guys, desk clerk, and gas station attendant ALL recommended the same place. If you are in the area - put it on the list. That put me just one good nights sleep away from some serious fishing.

Catch the next post. TB

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