Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Plea for Help From My Twitter Friends

Hola Amigos - 

I'm hoping some of the Twitter followers will circle back and help me out. My recent post about John Nichols got me thinking about authors and good books and I was wondering: Which authors do you turn to for your reading pleasure? While John Nichols is not a "fly fishing author" he is certainly an author who has often referenced his joy of fly fishing and navigating the Rio Grande Gorge. There seems to be a certain sensibility that I come back to when reaching for a book and John's work is an example of the kind of stuff I like.

So here is the question: If you were packing for a fly fishing trip what reading would you toss in the gear bag? Something to enjoy in the tent or cabin after a nice day on the water. Edward Abbey? Edward Hoagland? Wendell Berry? You tell me!

Please leave a comment.

Tight lines,
Trout Buddha

1 comment:

  1. Harry Middleton
    Ivan Doig
    John Nichols
    Thomas McGuane
    Jim Harrison
    and James Lee Burke and CJ Box just for some mystery fun.