Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Memories of the San Juan

Hola Amigos -

Kicking back on a quiet Wisconsin evening watching my Brew Crew scratch their way back into the wild card chase. You just have to love the ups and downs of a baseball season. Left for dead in July and playing meaningful baseball in September. Love it! Faith and hope my friends; faith and hope.

I have been putting off posting my final trip entry from the Epic 50th trip because now, much like then, I really don't want it to end (even in my mind). The final leg of our summer trip took us to Navajo Dam, NM (as told by our guide Marcus: What do you call a pretty girl in Navajo Dam? Lost!). That is OK as a couple of old married guys we were only there for the fish and green chili (a theme?). My brother and I enjoyed a couple of nice meals with our Uncle Dan (who lives just down the road near Las Vegas de San Juan).  Good meals at both Rubios and the Hiway Grill in Aztec.

We stayed at Fisheads San Juan River Lodge and booked a two night room with a float trip. The room was very nice and included wifi, flat screen tv, good beds, fly tying table, and very clean. Fisheads has a good restaurant (The Back Cast Cafe) and the breakfast and lunch menus were very good (I ordered Green Chili on everything of course). Didn't eat dinner there but the dinner menu maybe a shade overpriced (however if lunch and breakfast are any indication the food very good).

Our guide was Marcus Rubbo a nice young guy who worked hard all day long and gave us a great effort. We enjoyed his laid back approach. Tough fishing by San Juan standards but we still had lots of hook ups, and landed tons of fish. My brother Russ was on fire and had quite a day. It is an amazing tailwater, tons of fish, big fish, great scenery, and worth the trip. Fishing the San Juan is "friends with benefits" fishing; you know the odds of doing well are damn near 100%. Below are some photos from the tail end of the trip. Fat rainbows at every turn. A good way to finish the trip: tons of fish, great times with my brother, lots of good food, and wonderful memories.

Tight lines,
Trout Buddha

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