Friday, May 30, 2008

Chai Tea Kills the Buddha's Pocketbook!

A recent article in the Yakima Herald's Trout Bum column discusses the fuel crunch facing all anglers these days as the price of gas tops $4.00 per gallon. How will we manage? Are we gonna find a way to get on the water? Of course we will. Maybe we should be more upset about some other "by the gallon" prices:

Diet Snapple, 16 oz., $1.29: that's $10.32 per gallon.
Gatorade, 20 oz., $ 1.59: $10.17 per gallon

The Trout Buddha has a bit of a jones for Chai Tea - made with skim and bought at the local establishment! Trying to avoid supporting the MAN (read Starbucks). My 12oz made to order chai runs $3.50 that is .29 per oz. multiplied by 128oz per gallon and I'm paying $37.12 per gallon. DAMN!

I was so excited to find this story only to see Marchall Cutchin at and The Fly Fishing Retailer Blog The Hatch beat me to the punch in the blogosphere. No worries since my posts are few and far between I'm posting my own take.

Action Group

The action group for this post is the Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation. The Ice Age trail borders the driftless area across Wisconsin and (rumour has it) crosses some small streams with plenty of brookies. Supporting the trail and park can create tons of good zen trout karma.

The Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation (IAPTF), a volunteer- and member-based non-profit organization, protects, promotes, builds and maintains the Ice Age Trail. IAPTF staff and volunteers work cooperatively with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, National Park Service, local governments, businesses and private landowners to shape the Ice Age Trail into one of the premier hiking trails in the United States. Your support as a new member, volunteer or sponsor is always very welcome.

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