Monday, June 16, 2008

Drawing Flies - Blog Site Wows the Buddha

What can I do for 365 days in a row? I'm not talking the usual biological stuff (eat, breath, sleep...) that goes along with just surviving the planet. I'm thinking purposeful activity, actual work, creative endeavor - something with a tangible outcome. Wow, creating something each and everyday of the year; that takes discipline and energy that I don't seem to possess. The infrequent and randoms postings to this very site are a testament to my inability to achieve such industry. It also sits in opposition to my recurrent bouts of day dreaming, sloth, melancholy, ...well you get the idea.

It if for these very reasons that Jeff Kennedy's Drawing Fies 365 blog is so impressive. Everyday a new piece of artwork dedicated to fly fishing flies. It is great fun and the drawings are impressive. Lots of watercolor, pen, and the occasional mixed media. The pancake fly from Father's day is fabulous. Originals and reproductions are also available for sale. I'm not the first to take notice but I am officially on the band wagon. Impressive stuff - check it out.

Oh Yea One Last Thing - BITE ME!
Why not wear a piece of art work! Take a peek at Jeff's "Bite Me" T-shirt. A work of art and, for only $20, it is money well spent.

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