Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Faith Rewarded!

Today is usually a sad day on the calendar for the Trout Buddha. The first day of October marks the close of the trout season here in Wisconsin. The usually melancholy that accompanies the end of the season is replaced this year with the gift of a playoff series that includes our home team - the Milwaukee Brewers. In my last post I discussed the faith, hope, and optimism required to root for a baseball team and how my fishing sometimes feels the same way. Every once in a while our faith and hope are rewarded in the most unexpected of ways. The pitching in thin and offense hot and cold but its like dragging a streamer through a deep hole - anything can happen and it just might be wonderful.

October also brings cooler temps, a bit of rain, an another reason for hope - steelhead. I hear they may be running off lake Michigan. Hmm, keep hope alive! Always keep hope alive.

Trout Buddha

PS - October 1 is also the birthday for Richard W. Winterstein, Daniel R. Winterstein, and Luc Messmer. My pop is 75 years young, brother Dan - 49? and nephew Luc is 16! Best wishes to all.

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