Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baseball, Faith, Hope, and Fly Fishing

Well the Trout Buddha spent part of a sunny afternoon (left work early) in the house watching my Milwaukee Brewers blow a four run, two out, bottom of the ninth lead as part of a 12 inning loss to the arch rival Cubbies. There was only one thing to do - go fish. My emotional investment in this Brewers season is beginning to take a toll. Oh well, nine games to go, 1.5 back in the wild card race, 4-14 in the month of September, a fired manager, injured starting pitcher, and no real reason to be optimistic; yet my hope is fully alive.

Who knows more about hope than fishermen? When a character in a John Galligan fly fishing mystery was asked if he prayed his response was "No, I fish." That sums it up for me. Every trip to the stream is an exercise in optimism. Hope for a rising trout. Hope for a hard fighting smallie. Hope for a chance to stand in a river, throw some line, and keep my optimism alive.

Rooting for a baseball team requires faith and patience. Fly angling restores my faith, builds my patience, provides hope, and is an exercise in optimism. Pray? No, I fish - and root for the Brewers. I see the crew doing good things over the weekend and the Mets hitting the gag reflex down the stretch (their bullpen is even worse than Milwaukee's). Here is to hoping that come next week at the start of a six game home stand there is something to play for.

Doesn't matter, there is always fly fishing - and next year.

Trout Buddha

PS - I took two nice rainbows and a small colorful brown today - what the heck I can't wait for tomorrows game.

Helping His Profile?

I read today on the Ben Smith Blog (by way of MidCurrent) that Barack Obama wants to learn to fly fish - win or lose in November. Well the Senator from Illinois already had my vote - but this might seal the deal (then again Cheney is a fly angler so...). Seems Senator Obama was so impressed with the landscape of Montana that he wants to take up fly fishing in order to spend more time in the the Big Sky state. As a guy who fishes in Wisconsin I'm not sure we need another guy from Illinois with a rod in his hand ... what the heck pay for your out of state license and be sure to pick up your trash - we will welcome you.

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