Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prepping for Election Night

Piscatorial Microbrews

Its time to gear up for election night. Finally. I am suffering from the same election fatigue that must be hitting everyone about now. Trouble is I have too many memories of the last two elections. The fact that we sent George W. to the White House for two terms makes me hope I never need a "jury of my peers" in this country. Oh well, Wisconsin has done its part - a blue state the last two times out. Maybe this time the Democrats will have a winner. As I prepare myself for this election night I can't help but recall the last presidential tilt - sitting and watching the returns with family and friends and enjoying a pleasant rum drink buzz (that would soon turn to headache as the results and the hangover set in).

This time around the plan is to keep it low key. Even if the guy I vote for wins he will walk into the job during a recession, in the middle of two wars, no sign of Osama Bin Laden, and the Brewers need better pitching and stronger defense on the right side of the infield. OK so that last one is all me. The point is, while I do not condone drinking to excess. It may help to have a cold beer or two around the house during these rocky times. With that in mind the Trout Buddha (as a matter of public service) has decided to search for microbrews with a distinct fly-fishing theme.

These five piscatorial brews look good:
1) Salmon Fly Honey Ale from Madison River Brewing in Montana
2) Grizzly Wolf Wheat from the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company
3) Rainbow Red Ale from the Trout River Brewing Company in Lyndonville Vermont
4) Zonker Stout from the Snake River Brewing Company in Jackson Hole, WY
5) Trout Slayer Ale from Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, MT

Hmm, I might just head to the tying bench, put the countries woes on the back burner, drink a fish-themed brew and see where that takes me. Don't forget to vote!
Trout Buddha


  1. Trout Buddha-

    Just read your entry on Piscatorial Brews and came up with
    some additions for your list from the Northwest:



    http://www.madriverbrewing.com/pages/brews/pale_ale.html - home of Steelhead Ale

    http://kettlehouse.com/ - home of Double Haul IPA

    http://www.skagitbrew.com/BEERS.asp?Page=beers - Home of Steelie Brown Ale

    http://www.siletzbrewing.com/index.html - Just for the Brewery Logo


    There was also Coho Pacific Extra Pale Ale from Bridgeport Brewing
    that was discontinued some time ago

    That is one of the nice things about the Northwest - never a shortage of creative microbrews or beer names. Like you, I don't condone drinking, unless I'm included!

    Keep Bringin' the Wisdom!

    Duck Angler

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Plenty of nice brews to try. Had my first trip to Steelhead Brewery last February - outstanding!