Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lets Hope Things Measure Up

The Trout Buddha is finishing up the work day and ready to head home and wait out the election returns. Oh well - fingers crossed. In my opinion our oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams could use a change. Change. There is that word again. Anyway...

Speaking of change I wish the makers of an on-line "reality" show I found by accident had embraced change and NOT put out a recent fly fishing episode. I was checking my Hotmail account recently and a link about fly fishing on the MSN page caught my eye. Seems they have a “reality” show on the web sponsored by Hummer (Wow – so much to hate in one sentence). Hmm. Take a look at the MSN Fearless On-line Reality Adventure Series. So this is how some “web” director views fly fishing. This will provide a chuckle for anyone interested in proper casting technique, proper wading technique, how to handle fish (thank goodness they only catch one), and countless violations of stream etiquette and common sense.

Hey I should lighten up – the gal did look good in the waders.

Tight lines my friends,

Trout Buddha

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