Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trout Buddha - Foodie?

I can't resist giving a Zen Trout plug for my new favorite eating locale in the Mad City. Pizza Brutta! Wood fired oven heaven. Many months ago I read a review in a local paper and then clipped an ad from the Isthmus reminding me to try the new pizza place on Monroe St. After looking at that ad hundreds of times while sorting through my stack of papers I finally made the move. Last week I talked my bride into lunch by telling her that I heard that this pizza is the closest thing in town to being in Italy. The menu says Authentica di Napoli - and they are right. My Margherita pizza was fantastic and the salad we shared was excellent. What a find. Quality imported ingredients combined with a dedication to local products (organic WI cheeses, prosciutto from Iowa, and local produce) make this a food stop with a conscience. To top it off the menu makes reference to one of my favorite authors - Wendell Berry. His essay titled Conservation and Local Economy from the book Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community (1993) should be required reading for all farmers, politicians, environmentalists, consumers of food, - oh hell everyone should read it! Mr. Berry is an American treasure, he is a Kentucky farmer who was "green" long before there was such a thing.

What does this have to do with fishing? Responsible sustainable agriculture is one of the key ingredients to healthy watersheds. We need more local restaurants that support such agriculture. Better and cleaner farming practices equals better watershed health and improved stream quality. Improved stream quality = fish on for the Buddha!

Better do my part and eat at Pizza Brutta again soon!
Trout Buddha

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