Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sheboygan Seeforellen

Thought I would give a little ZenTrout shout out to Craig Amacker of Fontana Sports Specialties in Madison. Craig is always a good source for fly angling advice and has enthusiasm to spare. Seen here with a Seeforellen brown trout from the Sheboygan River, Kohler, WI. Fish measured 33" long. Caught Nov 11, 2008. Craig is the Fly Fishing Manager at Fontana Sports Specialties in Madison, WI and Southern Wisconsin Fly Fishing Guide.

Learn more about Seeforellen Browns:
Seeforellens and "German" browns are different strains of the same species. Differences in the time of spawning and age at maturity can also be used to distinguish each strain from the other, but physically the fish are very similar. The "German" or Domestic strain of brown trout may begin staging in harbor mouths for their spawning run beginning in July, with the majority of the run occurring in September and October. The spawning run for Seeforellens generally occurs in November and December. The age at which the fish matures is also a distinguishing characteristic of each strain, with the Domestic brown trout maturing at 2-3 years of age and the Seeforellen at 3-4 years. This later age of maturity in the Seeforellen usually allows for greater growth before their first spawning.
(A ZenTrout Thanks to the Wisconsin DNR Website!)

Nothing like evidence of large late season browns to get the itch to battle the elements for one more trip...
Tight lines,
Trout Buddha

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