Monday, July 27, 2009

Mountain Lions Shot in Black Hills

The Buddha took notice of this story recently regarding mountain lions in the Black Hills. The "hills" are one of the most under rated fly fishing locations in the west. Miles of streams, no crowds, and a great rails to trails bike project that can take you to lots of great water. A great stop for any angler. I have always wanted to see a mountain lion (from a safe distance!). Hmm. Might be worth checking out the safety tips. Just seeing a mountain lion is rare so better to worry about your backcast.

Just goes to show you - if you look closely at the word WILDERNESS - you will see the word WILD. Just as it should be.
Trout Buddha
PS - Visit the Cougar Fund to help protect these wonderful animals.


  1. Buddha,

    One of my most sought after "catches" along the river is a cougar. (Caught on film only.)

    One of my greatest fears is that I'll have that opportunity.

    We have a fair number of cougars in our area (cougar hunting is permitted here). I fish some very cougary places. I really want to see one in the wild, but, unlike wolves, cougar/human relations don't always have a good outcome for the human.

    I've been to the Black Hills twice (never to fish). Beautiful country--simply stunning. I noticed a fair number of creeks, streams and rivers and wondered what kinds of fishing opportunities were there. Thanks for the info.

    -scott c

  2. The Black hills are a nice fly fishing destination. Steve Kinsella's book is a great place to start. An excellent book with good information that doesn't give everything away or oversell the destination. Check it out at Amazon:
    Trout Buddha

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I don't when the next trip that way will be (usually about every 10 years I make it that direction, and the last time was about four years ago, so it will probably be awhile).