Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UW Fly Fishing Class Featured in WSJ

Every year the Trout Buddha spends two weeks stealing money teaching a fly fishing class at the UW Madison as part of the physical activity program. This has proven to be a great gig with wonderful students. Thanks to the generosity of the Wisconsin DNR, various fly shop folks, and anglers with much greater knowledge than myself we have developed a nice little course. This past week, Jerry Davis from the Wisconsin State Journal wrote a nice article. He interviewed students during our water quality, insect life, and fish shocking class held on Black Earth Creek.

Tight Lines!
The Buddha

Photo credit: Jerry Davis


  1. I would love to sign up for this course but can't find it online. Where is it listed?

  2. The course has been available every summer. It is a two week one credit course. It may fall to the recent budget axe but I am hoping to have an alternative offering during the same time period. I will post on the blog if that changes. Thanks

  3. Hello-

    I am very interested in taking this course, and know other students that are as well. I have a feeling that the due to budget, this course has been cut since it is not showing up in the UW course guide. Do you plan on holding the course this summer, or will you being offering the course through a different venue? Thanks!