Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David James Duncan and the Driftless Area

An interesting post today on MidCurrent via Moldy Chum regarding David James Duncan's comments about The River Why. The difficult legal wrangling between the author and the film makers has been well covered. Duncan released a statement on the film now that it is making the rounds on the film festival circuit.

The most interesting part of the statement (at least to me) was not the "heap of canned cool whip" line but the fact that David James Duncan was unable to view the film (and he has decided against viewing it) because he was off fishing in our very own Wisconsin Driftless area. He commented:

"...When the film arrived at my home I happened to be on the road, filling a gap between speaking engagements by fishing the Driftless region of Wisconsin with my musician friend, Jeffrey Foucault. ... I happened to be catching one spring creek brown trout after another on blue-winged olives amid a deafening choir of ecstatic redwing blackbirds. And when, that evening, my friends phoned to tell me their reactions to the film, I was sitting on a porch sipping Maker’s Mark, listening to Jeffrey’s stupendous music, live, watching sandhill cranes, bald eagles, and Amishmen in horse-drawn buggies pass by in the river valley below."

Hmm. Mr. Duncan seems to have captured the beauty of our little corner of the fishing world. When in doubt - go fish. I need to find some of those brown trout, watch some of those eagles, and maybe even sip some Maker's Mark myself. Paradise really is just down the road.
Tight lines amigos,
Trout Buddha

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