Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Turn Left Where?

Hello Friends -

I thought this post on the May 1st "Short Casts" section of the Trout Underground was very cool! The link to the Hand Drawn Map website had me thinking of the time my buddy Dave and I got a map to the "hottest spot on Trout Lake" drawn on the back of a cocktail napkin in a noisy Northwoods Wisconsin Bar. I think the purveyor of this "secret" info was more interested in the beers landing on my buddies tab then giving up a good fishing spot. Nope - didn't catch a damn thing.

I never knew there was such an extensive hand drawn map community. One of my favorite series of fly fishing guide books utilizes hand sketched maps. The "No Nonsense" books are a great collection. I have found the Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico versions to be a great help.

I can always count on Trout Underground for cool stuff - Tom Chandler's blog rarely disappoints.

Tight Lines Amigos!
Trout Buddha

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