Friday, June 4, 2010

Hex Alert!

Hello Friends -

This image showed up in my email thanks to Wisconsin DNR stream guru Mike Miller. May 29, 2010 LaCrosse, WI NOAA Weather Radar Image. The hot colors emanating from the Mississippi are emerging Hexagenia mayflies. Won't be long before they are on my local stream! Big flies, big browns, stumbling in the dark, the smell of mosquito dope, ... perfect.

Tight lines amigos,
Trout Buddha

1 comment:

  1. Trout Buddha-

    How long do you anticipate until that hatch hits your area? I've managed to be at our cottage in northern Wisconsin some years when the hex mayflies emerge in our lake. No brown trout there, but the smallies think they are mighty good eatin' too! ;)

    I'll be there from the 3rd through the 16th, so I'm hoping things will hold off until then.
    Are you going to be around during those dates?

    Duck Angler