Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wish List Addendum

One last wish (well OK two) to add to the post below:

List No. 4:
  1. To have a ZenTrout posting worthy of mention in the Short Casts section on the Trout Underground!
  2. To have listed among the Fishing Blogs on said site - I can only dream.

A shameless grasp for readership! God Bless Us Everyone!

Tight Lines Amigos
Trout Buddha


  1. Hell, I thought you were on my blog list. In truth, those blogroll lists don't mean much in terms of traffic or Google juice.

    As for a short cast link, it's more a matter of getting the right post on the right day. I'll keep an eye out, but like everyone else, the Xmas madness is overtaking me...

  2. Thanks Tom - My wish list addendum is a bit tongue in cheek. Your blog sets the standard!
    Take care.