Monday, December 13, 2010

The Trout Buddha's Wish List?

Hola Amigos -

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Drunken Thursday (OK I made that one up!); no shortage of ways for even the most slothful among us to be proded along into the holiday consumer frenzy. I've been thinking long and hard about just what I would "want" this holiday season. Below are some lists - with some very important qualifiers. I hope you enjoy.

List No. 1:
This is my "do something nice for the cause list". Just send a donation in my name to the following good folks:
  1. River Alliance of Wisconsin Clean water advocates in my own backyard!
  2. Trout Unlimited Conserving, protecting and restoring North Americas coldwater fisheries and watersheds - the tag line sums it up.
  3. Driftless Area Land Conservancy - protecting land from development in the Driftless area.
List No. 2:
This is my "Holy Crap" I just came into some money and need to spend fast list:
  1. Original Oil Painting by Russell Chatam - Naturally my favorites are listed as "rare" so likely will run more than the $7,000.00 average.
  2. One week at the Paws Up Outfitters in Montana - a cool $4700 not counting transportation and tips on the south fork of the Flathead.
  3. A very large shopping spree at the On The Creek Fly Shop in Cross Plains Wisconsin. Anything to help keep this shop in business because it is a special place. Located on the banks of Black Earth creek - a great place to shop, hangout, and learn something - don't forget the shopping part!

List No. 3:
This is my stuff I can't really afford but maybe if I save my pennies it will happen list:

  1. A nice bamboo fly rod from Paul Julius in Cross Plains Wisconsin A local gem.
  2. Funding to spend a week in Phelps Wisconsin at the Jacobsson Rod Company one week bamboo rod building class. Build my own gem?
  3. Money for a nice fiberglass rod from the McFarland Rod Company - just to see what the fuss is all about.
  4. A back country trip to the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Cuts everywhere!

Oh well, enough dreaming. Guess by the end of the list I was doing the shopping! Oh well feel free to step in an make any of the above purchases.
Stay warm amigos,
Trout Buddha

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