Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trout Buddha Found on Milk Carton?

Hola Amigos -
Ok. The Trout Buddha has not been the most active blogger in the past month or two. It is nice to know that both of my loyal fans have been worried about my where abouts. Well... too much work, a little travel (work related), and then again there is the work. DAMN that is sad; particularly since we are in the middle of the early trout season. For the record I have been out twice to find beautiful conditions and a couple of nice browns.

So for my official "get your butt in gear and start posting again" post I want to touch base on a few items that have caught my eye recently:

  • From "The Oatmeal" (brought to my attention by Tom at Trout Underground) an age old question - How Long Could You Survive If You Kicked a Bear in the Balls? Important information. FYI the estimate for me was 40 seconds after taking the quiz.

  • The MLB season is upon us and my Brew Crew mojo is in full swing! I like the pitching, need to get over some injuries, I think they can score enough runs, I'm a bit worried about the back end of the bull pen, and well I'll stop its a long season. Go Crew!

  • Fly Talk's Kirk Deeter took the trouble to list the "12 Best States" for Fly Fishing. Wisconsin did not make the list - hey who needs miles of uncrowded spring creeks, world class small mouth fishing, musky and pike on the fly, and spring and fall runs of salmon and steelhead. Yeah no way the land of cheese is in the top 12 so just stay away. No really - stay away!

  • Saw this posting on the This Is Fly blog and came across some very cool art prints - arrupel? Naturally the Wisconsin print was my favorite.

  • Quote of the day thanks to Mike at Trout Headwaters: "Nature Bats Last" - Yogi Berra. So as we get pounded with ice and snow in - late April...

  • Shirt I am destined to purchase: The Nymph from This is Fly.

  • If you need some good Karma visit the folks at Project Healing Waters and make a donation. We owe these men and women everything - and that includes some fly fishing.

  • Enough semi-random thoughts. Tight lines amigos!
    Trout Buddha


    1. Buddha-

      Great post - loved the randomness of it!
      Somehow Oregon did not make the top 10 either. I'm brokenhearted about that just like you are about Wisconsin. I managed to make it 42 seconds vs the grizzly bear. I'm pretty sure I stole a few extra seconds from my paralyzing fear of Viagra ingesting mountain goats, but in the end I think my slow mile time is what killed me (literally)!

      Still trying to make it out on the river. Basketball and high water levels have conspired against me through March and April, but hey, I have a CBI Tourney Championship to show for it!!! That's kinda cool, right??? No??? Okay....you're right....no it isn't.

      River time is on the horizon in May though - I have a new 9 ft, 5 wt Z-Axis Christmas/ Birthday present that has been in the corner harassing me for the past month. Waaaaaaaaaay past overdue to break it in!

      Just purchased our plane tickets for Wisconsin yesterday. In about a month it will be time to shift fly bench production from trout flies to bass and pike flies!

      Hope things are well with you!

      Duck Angler

    2. Thank Duck Angler - nice to hear from you. Sounds like you really need some time on the water. Hope things are well. 42 seconds with the Grizz - well you beat me by 5 seconds! Stay well
      Trout Buddha