Sunday, March 6, 2011

Early Season is Upon Us!

Hola Friends -
The Buddha was cleaning gear, organizing fly boxes, and prepping for the early trout season here in Wisconsin. The sub-freezing temps may slow me down a bit at first but I'm hopeful for some early trout and spring run Steelies!

Official Information from DNR:Wisconsin early season trout fishing opener March 5, 2011
Trout fishing enthusiasts, the early catch-and-release trout season opens at 5 a.m. on March 5 and runs until midnight May 1.

Wisconsin's official list of classified trout streams contains 58 more identified trout streams since 2002. Find trout and salmon regulations and guide, stream maps, and more resources.

Check out the video from DNR stream ecologist Mike Miller (Official FOB - Friend of the Buddha!) on enhancing your early season experience.

"News" items from the early opener:
State Journal - Madison
Chicago Trout Bum
Wisconsin Outdoor News

Stay warm!
As always - watch your back cast,
Trout Buddha

PS- full disclosure - the photo is a winter fishing outing last year on the Gallatin (didn't have a handy local winter image!)


  1. Buddha-

    Did you make it out this weekend, and if so, did you see any action?

    I'm warming up for the end of one season (basketball) and the beginning of another (fishing) myself. Hopefully the rain we've been getting out here lets up just enough for the rivers to drop back into shape and allow me a chance to get in a few casts over spring break!

    Hope things are well with you!

    Duck Angler

  2. Alas the Duck Angler - my loyal reader! I did not make it out over the weekend but I see a trip out in my near future. Hope all is well.
    Put some flies on/in the water!

  3. Buddha,

    Just recently discovered your blog, and I've been enjoying catching up on past posts with the early season upon us. I noticed in past summers you've taught a fly fishing course at UW Madison. Will you be offering it again this summer? I'm a grad. student in the Woodworking department, and i'd be highly interested in participating if possible.


  4. Buddha,

    More than a month since your last post - you know these posts get me through busy tax/audit season between trips to the driftless.

    Hope its because you have been able to enjoy some water lately. Temps are warmin up quite nice.