Friday, September 23, 2011

Magic Numbers, Fall Skies, and Musky Dreams

Hola Amigos -

The autumnal equinox is upon us and my favorite baseball team sits with a magic number of 2! The Brew Crew is dangerously close to winning the the NL Central, securing close to 95 wins, and making the playoffs. A wonderful summer of excitement for a rapid fan like myself. I have waxed philosophical on these pages many times about the link between my baseball love and fly fishing. Both require enormous faith and hope. Both have a beautiful symmetry, require patience, and (in my mind) teach wonderful life lessons. Win or lose. Catch or get skunked. Use all your outs my friends and keep your fingers crossed for the Crew.

I dream of the following: spend an autumn day casting big flies for Musky and hustle home just in time to see the Brewers in the Fall Classic! Now that would be a dream come true! Win or lose.

Fear the Beer!
Watch your back cast and remember; it ain't over till its over!
Trout Buddha

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