Thursday, August 28, 2008

Salmon Dreams

I could not wait to put out a little Trout Buddha good karma for Bill Carter's Red Summer. This wonderful book was one of my best reads of the summer. Carter brings you into the amazing, back breaking world of set net salmon fishing in Alaska's Bristol Bay in the tiny village of Egegik. The book reads like an adventure novel. He gives insight into the brutal conditions that are endured in order to put salmon into the markets of the lower 48. The isolation of the remote village, the alcoholism, the economic difficulties, make for a ramshackle houses, all a character in the story that revolves around the amazing resilience of the salmon that choke the rivers as they follow their genetic destiny. This is not a book just for fisherman; it is for anyone enamoured with the outdoors, adventure, and an great writing.

Political Action: Save Our Wild Salmon

Save Our Wild Salmon is a nationwide coalition of conservation organizations, river groups, fishing associations, businesses, and taxpayer and clean energy advocates working collectively to restore abundant, sustainable wild salmon to the rivers, streams and oceans of the Western salmon states. Check out their web-site and see how you can help keep rivers wild and wild salmon abundant.

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