Monday, November 10, 2008

5 Things...

Five things I love about fishing in the fall...

  1. A river full of salmon. I know their days are numbered but there is a whole “circle of life” Lion King feel to the process.
  2. The drive to the Sheboygan. Quality time in the car, good CDs, often company for conversation, and most of all the anticipation of a day of fishing.
  3. Battling the elements. Deep down, steelhead and salmon fishermen love the fact that they sometimes have to shake the ice off the guides, fight some rain, and freeze their ass in the pursuit of their “biggest fish of the year”. I mean really, anyone can go out on a nice summer day - this takes some "want to".
  4. Steelhead hopes. Swinging a streamer through a good looking hole or run - nuff said.
  5. Playing hooky from work. Well heck, who wants to battle a weekend crowd?
Speaking of steelhead fishing, check out the nice video from on late season fishing on the Pere Marquette. Naturally the hard working Marshall Cutchin at MidCurrent beat me to the punch. In keeping with the theme, the video below is from Patagonia (2007); the Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles. Jerry Darkes provides an overview of the developing fishery for this great fish through the eyes of local (Michigan) fly fishing guides and outfitters.

Final thought: show your colors and support a cause!

Support wild steelhead with a T-shirt purchase from Patagonia. $5.00 from every purchase goes to support wild steelhead populations as part of Patagonia's World Trout® program.

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