Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election Hoopla - Where To?

What a great day - people on the street with smiles, co-workers enjoying the post election high, and a sense that in America amazing things can still happen (and positive amazing things at that!). I know there is hard work ahead in this country but for today - it just feels good. Lots of folks seem to be wondering: Whats next? While there are lots of problems to solve and national matters to attend to, it seems that in the little corner of the blogosphere that I follow folks are looking through their own lens to ponder some post election questions. For instance:

Tom Chandler at Trout Underground is holding a post-election contest to find the best answers to the following questions: What would you like to see changed about fly fishing in the next four years? What problems would you like solved? What issues do you see looming? A DVD goes to the winner.

My friend Sara Roahen (author of the wonderful Gumbo Tales Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table) is pondering what foods might find their way to the President-Elect Obama's plate. Her thoughts of reviving the Victory Garden might gain some steam. How about a tax break for all "locavore" purchases?

Me? I'm wondering if the President-Elect will make good on his desire to take up fly fishing (see Sept. 18, 2008). I'm hoping Mr. Obama takes fewer vacations then the 43rd occupant of the office. Anyway. While I am excited about this political change, as a Wisconsinite I still hold to my previous comments on his fly fishing wishes. I'm not sure we need another guy from Illinois with a rod in his hand. However, in the spirit of the day I welcome all my Illinois brothers and sisters - just pay your fees and pick up your trash on the stream.
Trout Buddha

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