Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old Guys Rule - Thanks Pop

Hello Friends -

My last Zen Trout post was on May 14, 2009; that was the day my Pop had surgery in Arizona. Unfortunately, Dad passed away on June 1, 2009. I hope to get back into the swing of writing again soon. My Pop was a great guy and even better Dad. Thanks to all my friends who sent thoughtful wishes to myself and my family. I love this picture of him out on Vallecito Lake in Colorado. Thanks Pop, you save us a seat.

Richard Webster Winterstein
10/1/1933 - 6/1/2009

Old guys do indeed rule.

Trout Buddha


  1. Condolences from us here at Cutthroat Stalker.

    Hoping to hear from the Zenmeister of fishing again soon.

    God bless.

  2. Sorry man. Lost my dad 1.5 years ago, and it continues to stick with me.

    Nobody gets out alive, and it's how we live while we're here that matters. Sounds like your pops did well.