Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amber Heard / Rise Forms Ezine

Hola Friends -

News from the "blogosphere" this week. Amber Heard lead actress from the movie (will this ever be released?) The River Why made news this week when she came out at a GLADD event. When will this stop being "news"? At one point the Buddha predicted the following:

Amber Heard who plays Eddy in the movie will send many a man to the stream looking for their own fly fishing goddess.

Oh well - beautiful is beautiful - good for her for living her life on her terms.

Another item that caught my eye was the debut of the Rise Forms Ezine. Outstanding! We can never have enough good writing about fly angling. That might actually get more guys to the stream then Amber Heard - well maybe.

Tight Lines Amigos!
Trout Buddha

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