Saturday, December 11, 2010

Climate Change Wisconsin / Driftless Area

Hola Friends -

Once again Marshall at MidCurrent finds a nugget right in my own backyard. The difference? He works; I dabble. That notwithstanding the video and information on the Driftless area found on the Climate Wisconsin web site is very informative. Great information, nice videos, and good information about climate change and the impact here in the land of cheese. Worth a look. Much of this research comes from the UW-Madison. I should pay more attention (I do work there!). A tip of the hat to the gang at MidCurrent. Enjoy the video, support the hard working folks in the Dritless area, and help protect this Wisconsin resource.

Trout Buddha

Fly Fishing | Climate Wisconsin from ECB on Vimeo.

PS - Check out the Driftless Angler Fly Shop online.

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