Monday, February 7, 2011

Faith, Hope, Football, and Fishing

Hola Amigos -

Well the Green and Gold have done it - The Packers are Super Bowl Champs! A nice winter diversion for those of us waiting out the snow and ice anxious for the March 1 early season. I have waxed philosophic on these pages in the past about the intersection of faith, fishing, and rooting for the local team. I'm a bigger baseball fan than football fan - the former requiring infinitely more faith and patience - but the local franchise has provide great joy this winter. Teams are up and teams are down but as I have said before - rooting for a team is like putting some action on a big streamer in a deep hole - sometimes great things can happen.

I guess that is why I stick with my teams through thick or thin; because I need all the hope I can get. I need to believe in the things I can't see - like that lunker deep in that hole. Soon the snow will melt and I will take my hope, my faith, and my patience from my living room out to the stream bank with my rod in hand in the hope that great things can happen. They always do.

Watch your back cast,
Trout Buddha


  1. Yes - Go Pack!

    Keep up the good work on the Blog, I check it pretty regularly, especially as I wait for the March open of the season (can't wait to get my new trout bum 2 weight on the stream).

    I was talking to Sweeney last night about our annual trip to driftless region (coming up in May) and our definite trip to Madison for the season openner. Hard to think we have only been doing this for 3 or 4 years since the best Udub Madison class there is. Also hard to think my original goal was just to fill a credit during the Summer.

    Anyways - Sweeney and I concluded that we need to try and be a part of your class trip this summer - as class alumni. We can bring our yaks and make the float - you open to the idea?

    Tight Lines Buddha,

    Zach B (creative blog name pending)

  2. Zach -
    You and Sweeney are my all time summer fly fishing alums! Glad to hear you guys are looking forward to the early season. Heading to the Badger Fly Fishers 2011 Opener in the morning. Always some great booth displays plus good speakers (
    Take care and "watch your backcast!"
    Trout Buddha

  3. Two comments in just a few days, but this one is worth sharing.

    Came accross this site during a tying marathon (or attempted before getting extremely distracted by this footage). Robert Thomas definitely does a great job capturing some Wisconsin fishing video, and it looks like he continues to develop more topics (e.g., night of the hex and musky country). If this doesn't get everyone pumped for the season, I don't know what will. I think I recognize some of those holes from the driftless region. Check it out: